Three new on-site businesses!

We are pleased to inform you of three upcoming businesses scheduled to open their doors at Coconat in March 2024, further contributing to the dynamic atmosphere of our community.

  1. Kunstcafe:
    • The Kunstcafe is poised to reopen under new management in March, led by a dedicated team of three individuals. Felicitas Nadwornicek, a Coconat team member and resident of Hoher Fläming, will collaborate with Laura Schridde, whose expertise lies in sustainable forestry projects. Adding to the team is Pauline Reuter, a professional clothing designer and tailor, who will also establish her tailor shop, Jofilia, within the premises.
  2. Jofilia Tailor Shop:
    • Pauline Reuter, a skilled clothing designer and tailor, is set to open Jofilia, a tailor shop that emphasizes creativity and craftsmanship. This addition reflects a commitment to providing bespoke services to our community, contributing to the diverse offerings available at Coconat.
  3. Photo Studio and Gallery:
    • The new photo studio and gallery space will be inaugurated by Halina Hildebrand, a member of the Bad Belziger Kunstverein. This venture aims to further enrich our local cultural landscape.

These projects are a part Coconat’s ongoing commitment to fostering local talent and providing unique experiences for residents and visitors alike. We extend our invitation to the community to join us in welcoming them and exploring the diverse offerings they bring.