May Day May Deals (EN)


Spring fever setting in? You can’t take off, but you NEED out of the city?

May Days for single guests and Gap days for teams, find what’s best for you and Book now!


Single Guest – May Day Special

Are you a single guest or just two – take advantage of your May special!


– gets you usually out of the city and into the comfort of Coconat, where you arrive and plug in to your favorite workspace, we take care of the rest including 3 chef-prepared meals, comfortable sleep in our very special loft bed dorm room.

Stay for one week to take advantage of our May Day Special!


-for 6 nights (YES that is less than 70€/night for everything that Coconat has to offer, save 66 Euro)

All #MayDay offers include:

  • 3 vegetarian meals,
  • coworking, including coffee, tea, water and snacks
  • accommodation in the sleeping box of our dorm (can be upgraded to Single Rooms etc.)

**Bookings for the month of May 2024, using the code #MayDay – only applicable for single guest bookings.

code #MayDay


*All prices include tax