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An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is COCONAT’S core benefits summed up in a nutshell that make up its wider Employer Branding (EVP + Code of Conduct + Culture + Marketing).

The EVP is a promise between an employer and a potential applicant; what can COCONAT and its culture offer potential recruits in exchange for their talent, skills, and experience? This EVP intends to explain and build the case to attract top talent—sharpening COCONAT’s identity and culture, strengthening the employer branding, and facilitating better recruitment, overall. The development of this document was initiated through a organisational development process framed by the Unternehmenswert Mensch programm, this document was decided on in spring 2022 by Iris, Julianne and Janosch and it´s an aim we will work on in the next years.

1. Compensation

1.1 Salary

Coconat wants to offers a Competitive Salary for our Hospitality Staff. We take the average wage for all of Germany, based on statistics from the Entgeltatlas of Bundesagentur für Arbeit (using Median, 25-54 years in whole Germany), and add 10%. The Entgeltatlas averages will be checked annually and wages adjusted up accordingly.

All team members who continue with Coconat for 24 calendar months will be given a 10% wage increase, both freelance and contract workers. Further bonuses to reward loyalty will be put in place.

So far we cannot afford this, but we are working hard on making it happen.

1.2 Share of Company Success

At the end of every calendar year, all Coconat Team members who have worked one calendar year or more, will be a part of our bonus programme. A bonus to your salary will be based on Coconat’s profit for the previous year (due to one year delay in the approval of the annual financial statement by the tax department, reduced by surpluses and a shareholder-salary), and equally shared with all eligible team members, using completed working hours as the calculation tool. 


Coconat has 3 employees, and experienced 1,000€ in profit

Martin has worked 5 hours this year :: bonus is 5×50€ =  €250

Andrea has worked 10 hours this year :: bonus is 10×50€ = €500

Trina has worked 5 hours this year :: bonus is 5×50€ = €250

1000€/20hours =50

Bonuses are not affected by hourly rates.

1.3 work / leisure time

At Coconat there are not unpaid over-hours!!

We support flexible work modells like unpaid extra-holidays, remote work, part-time work and gap years.

Everybody (with a contract) gets 29 days off (legally 24 are obligatory) to balance out public holidays in which Coconat is open in a more fair and flexible way.

Christmas and New Years we are aiming for a closing time of at least two weeks.

We implement the legal rule to have at least two days in a row off each week. 

We are aiming to be able to pay extra for weekend-work.

1.4 Extra Coco Benefits:

  • Free Coworking Membership with all Coconaut Club Member benefits.
  • All Coconat staff members are welcomed to every meal that is served while they are on shift; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our meals are vegetarian by default, vegan upon request. We do have special team prices for drinks.
  • •   Reduced food rate whenever you are not working (€5 per meal).
  • •   Enjoy our special wellness offer at staff-member discount rates for:
    • Sauna (€20 for two hours).
    • Massages (50% discount).
    • Free access to Coconat’s yoga and meditation room.
    • Access to our natural pool.
  • Enjoy Special overnight prices for you, friends and family.
  • Free of charge or reduced price: Access to our Other facilities like Maker-Space, Video Editing suite, Remise, and Remise Kitchen upon request.

2. Work-Life Balance

2.1 Be a Part of our Thriving Community:

  • As a coliving space, Coconat’s local community is made up of both local and international work-exchange volunteers, short and long-term guests, and the businesses and start-ups that have made of our space their brick-and-mortar home.
  • Catch up via our quarterly internal newsletter.
  • Keep updated about our on-the-ground activities via the Community Board.
  • Join our “Friday Feierabendbier” to network and integrate with peers and new folks.
  • All our team is welcomed to our collective parties—i.e Christmas Dinner & Anniversary Party.

2.2.       Culture

Integrate in a Team that Thrives on Collaboration & Independence: 

  • Coconat’s management structure promotes infrequent team-meetings by motivating for active involvement the autonomy and responsibility.
  • Our reduced management layersaim for better internal communication.
  • We count with an open and tolerant feedback structure (for example through programmes like ‘Unternehmenswert Mensch’, and offer free Supervision/mediation).
  • Enjoy great flexibility due to self-organised schedules.
  • Coconat provides a clear working structure & defined responsibilities.
  • Team work, creativity, and autonomy are systematically encouraged—giving our people the freedom to fast-test solutions and improve for better results.

3. Professional Development

3.1. Intrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship Opportunities:

  • Use Coconat as platform for your own projects.
  • Get supported and run your own Coconat-project.
  • Get access to expert advise and consulting: the Coco founders are happy to consult their employees and community in entrepreneurial activities (technical, or by bringing them in contact with the local network).
  • Coconat is open to offering our physical spaces at an accessible rate whenever these are available.

3.2 Learning & Internal Growth:

  • We support the Bildungsfreistellung (free time for eduction) in Brandenburg [10 days within 2 years, based a a five working days week, earliest 6 month after starting your job]
  • Try to organise one workshop a year for each team. 
  • Performance review once a year to assess the performance and figure out development potential together
  • Before we start a call for applicants we check if we can cover the position internally

4. Location

Coconat Klein Glien is located just outside of Berlin, Germany, in the beautiful Brandenburg countryside. Team members benefit from easy access to nature, relatively good public transportation and bike lanes, as well as the possibility to combine the best of city and country life by simple proximity to the capital. We are working on providing further mobility solutions for our team.

5. Stability 

Coconat will celebrate 5 years of operations in May 2022. The company saw steady growth, and navigated the waters of the global health crisis. The company even managed to make a profit in 2021, year 2 of the pandemic. The founders are constantly working on project development and partnerships both within the Flaming Region and beyond, to ensure that the product offer is diverse enough to enable growth and to provide stability in crises.

We have team members who have been with us for the whole of the 5 years we have been operating. This bodes quite well for a newly formed team and project. The founders are open to and actively enable constructive criticism from all team members, and work to implement new measures to ensure employee happiness when at all possible.

Coconat strives for stability of the project through our purpose driven business model, team contentment and working towards offering benefits which include not just monetary compensation, but support to the dieas of everyone who finds a place at Coconat.

Our Purpose: Inviting. Inspiring. Inventing sustainable stuff.