A place for digital workers to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside!






Coconat creates inclusive community and inspiring environment for all people.



COCONAT stands for community and concentrated work in nature

We are an impact driven company – meaning that we base our value on our positive impact rather than capital growth. We are able to do this through our innovative model of tourism, which combines workation, coworking, coliving, and special projects focusing on rural development.


Permanent team members reside mostly in our region, often within walking distance. Many grew up in Brandenburg, some in other parts of Germany, others as far afield as Thailand. Everyone appreciates the unique working atmosphere and contributes his or her talents to make this extraordinary project possible.

 Our Code of Conduct

Who is our community?


For our guests that means focus on healthy and productive work-life by providing an ease of access to the natural landscape, an open community of people to interact and exchange with, and a bit of a structure for the day with 3 vegetarian meals shared together. 




Our doors are wide open for our neighbors. We listen to their wishes and work together to make a space that is welcoming and useful for our local community. We host the yearly village festival, the village council meetings, the vote, as well as family events when requested. 




We are enthusiastic networkers and bring our visitors together with innovative, regional actors. Coconat is also a board member of the local development initiative Smart Village e.V. and co-founder of the larger regional network, Zukunftsorte




Co – Co – Nat




Quiet and solitude – Yes.    Total Isolation – No. Most human beings need a balance of solitude and people to be truly productive. While you may need total silence while working on a project, or a room with a view for your team pow-wow, you also need to unwind and speak to other people to keep those creative juices flowing. Our family style lunches and dinners will give you a chance to talk to other creative and inspiring individuals. 



Concentrated Work

Lake Work

Get away from your mundane routines, the urban excesses, the traffic, the noise, the cubicle, the home office. Work alone or as a small group in our shared space, silent coworking area, library, two meeting rooms, by the lake or under a shady tree. 




If you live in the city, you no doubt crave those moments of quiet stillness surrounded by green, where a water view is just a few steps down that dirt path. We are surrounded by nature at Coconat. There are walking paths through forests and fields. The renowned Kunstwanderweg Höher Fläming passes through our property. Brandenburg’s highest point, Hagelberg, is just behind the property. And our small lake is a beautiful spot to sit and reflect. 




Coconat Team

Coconat is an international community and impact driven company. Many helping hands have filled the project with life. Without the many supporters, employees, honorary staff, scholarship holders and cooperation partners, Coconat would not be the dreamlike place it is today, for which we are infinitely grateful. The core team currently consists of Iris Wolfer, Philipp Hentschel, Julianne Becker and Janosch Dietrich – founders of Coconat in Klein Glien.


Iris Wolfer is a widely travelled, passionate beekeeper and has been a valuable supporter since the beginning of the project. She has immense Sales knowledge which she gained in the past from working in publishing houses, agencies, associations and start-ups. Coconat’s focus on the common good is of particular concern to her. At Coconat Klein Glien, Iris is responsible for bookings and house management. 






Julianne Becker came all the way from Missouri/USA to rural Brandenburg. She is a trained artist and communications expert, she has made films in the past, been involved in nature conservation, worked in start-ups and organised major events. She has a wide range of connections in the cultural, tech and NGO scene. At Coconat, Julianne is responsible for communication and international cooperation. 






Philipp Hentschel is the only original Brandenburger on the team and has never been a permanent employee in his life. Just like Iris, he has supported Coconat since the first test run in 2015. He is a trained project manager, founded the successful Coworking Space welance and is co-founder of the life and work project Hof Prädikow. In particular, he is responsible for networking with soul-related projects in Brandenburg and for our website. 






Janosch Dietrich had been travelling the world long before the first digital nomad opened their  clunky laptop on an unknown beach. He looks back on a multifaceted career, having worked as a consultant for sustainable tourism, led international volunteer programs, worked as a fundraiser and initiated travelling film projects in many countries. At Coconat, he is particularly fond of project development and construction. 






Our project has a long history – beginning in 2012, the original founding team, Julianne Becker, Janosch Dietrich, Michael Kloos, and Christian Söder, developed the idea to use digitisation to create an idyllic place of work in the green. After two successful test runs, Coconat opened permanently in May 2017 in the Klein Glien estate.