To make you the best offer for your stay at Coconat and book only what you need, we calculate accomodation, food and workspace separately. We offer discounts for long-term bookings and have special packages for teams and groups.


We offer several types of accommodation and work-spaces. At Coconat you’ll find many inspirational and beautiful surroundings.


Our individual packages can be flexibly arranged. You can find the price list here.

  • overnight workation retreat – from about €10 camping / €25 dorm/ €82 private room
  • one-month – people staying for 30 days or longer receive a 20% discount on the sleeping option.Additional costs are Coworking (including coffee, tea, snacks) and food.


You can choose one of the two options:

Our “All-Inclusive” package costs 44€/ person/ day. Young guest (6 – 14 years) pay only 22€/ day. Kids until 5 years of age eat for free. More detailed information about the packages can be found in the section “Food & Drinks”.

Alternatively you can use our shared community kitchen. For 5€/ day you have access to the kitchen all around the clock and can use all kitchen accessories including a stove, dishwasher and fridges.

The coworking space is open for daily guests and overnight guests.

Overnight guests:
Overnight guests pay a Coworking flat rate of 11,90€/night. It is obligatory and includes free coffee, tea, snacks and an flexible desk.

Daily guests:
We offer local coworkers access to all work facilities for 10€/ day, including coffee, tea and snacks. You can also choose the monthly membership for 59€/ month, which gives you also access to our Cocolab and gives you discount on some services (like meals).

Rooms & Stay

Here we will try to answer the most common questions regarding the overnight stays at Coconat. If you have other questions don't hesitate to send us a mail or ask in your booking inquiry.

We provide 20 rooms with a maximum capacity between 50-60 guests. There are 15 Single/Double/Twin rooms and shared bed rooms with up to 6 ppl, plus one dorm as a less expensive option.
We only give 16 rooms to groups usually, to give single ppl and long term guests a chance.


Our rooms are very spacious and comfortable. Each room contains a bathroom with shower. All of our rooms have hard-wood floors, lots of light, and comfortable beds to get a good night’s sleep. Many rooms have a small work table, and all are connected to our wifi.

Bed sheets and towels are included.

Yes, we provide full working Wifi in the working areas, the bar, the ground floors, the garden and of course in the rooms.

Currently we can’t provide handicapped accessible rooms for overnight stays. We’re working on it! Please get in touch with us for requirements, we might find a solution with our partners in the region.

We do have an accessible space for small events with an accessible toilet, located on our Remise. Please let us know your requirements in your inquiry.

Yes, you can. We large grassy area where we can host up to 10 tents. We also provide a shower, toilets, and lockers. We charge 10€ (+VAT)/person/night* (kids up to 12 years are free).

*This price does not include use of workspace, food, or use of kitchen, we will send complete quote with your inquiry.

Yes, you can. We have a parking spot for around 5 caravans. We charge 20€/caravan and 5€/person/night* including shower, toilets, electricity and lockers.

*This price does not include use of workspace, food, or use of kitchen, we will send complete quote with your inquiry.

We work together with partner spaces in the region. Get in touch if you have special requests or want to host more people.

We do have baby beds for 5€/night. Pls request before coming, to make sure we reserve one.

Food & Drinks

At Coconat you'll find yummie food and healthy snacks. To keep you focussed we will provide everything you need. Let's try to answer the most common questions.

    • 3 meals / day 
    • breakfast is a small buffet
    • lunch and dinner will be served at the same time every-day in a ‘family style’
    • all meals vegetarian (locally sourced-organic when possible)
    • special requests for meat can be made for additional cost (starting with 10 ppl)
    • dietary restrictions should be made known before arrival. The vegan option is for free, gluten-free diet and special diets due to allergies cost 5€ /day.

The “All inclusive package” costs 44€/person/day. For younger guests (6-14 years) we charge 22€/day. Kids are free (up to 6 years). The vegan option is for free, gluten-free diet and special diets due to allergies cost 5€ /day.

Family style means that we all sit down together to eat the same dish at the same time. We take a break from our work to get to know the others who have joined Coconat.

Yep, snacks are included. The snack food changes depending on the season, but you can expect fruits and vegetables, something crunchy, and sometimes special baked items are available.

Every morning from 8:00 till 10.30 am we provide a german style breakfast buffet including assorted bread, cheese, jams, muesli, fresh fruits and yogurt.

We encourage people to eat together, but of course there are no obligations to participate in any activities, including eating together.

Our “All inclusive” package contains vegetarian meals. If you are coming with more than 10 ppl and would like to have meat we ask for 10€ and serve delicious & local meat dishes for you.

We can easily provide for a vegan diet. We will try our best to accomodate all dietary requirements, and will have to answer on a case by case basis. Please let us know in your booking process. We request 48 hours advance notice to prepare properly.

We provide a shared kitchen equipped with electric plate, sink, and refrigerator. You will share it with other people on-site using this option. The kitchen is open 24/7 and costs 5€/person/night (plus VAT).

Workspaces & Coworking

Currently we provide 50 Mbit VDSL. From June 2017 we will add a second line and provide 100 Mbit combined including a professional loadbalancer and high-class access points. The good thing is – we don’t share the line with many people as we are located in the countryside. So the 100 Mbits are really available.

As a local coworker or daily visitor you can drop in Mon-Fri from 8am-7pm for €10/day

    • flexible desk
    • wifi
    • coffee and tea, snacks

buy a monthly membership for €59

    • all of the above plus use of one of our 10 partner spaces when you are in Berlin

We offer places to make your calls.

Of course! We even cover some outdoor areas with Wifi already. You will always find a quiet spot at Coconat to focus on your work while enjoying nature.

Yes, we have two meeting rooms that offer space for up to 10 people each. For bigger meetings or presentations our Salon can be used (up to 100 people). Each room is equipped with one flip cart and one projector. Additional equipment can be provided on request. For casual meetings you will find our library, pub, and plenty of outdoor spaces.

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