We’re building our cabin in the woods and taking care of our beach

During our next days we want the time focussing on more subtle things.

A small bungalow in the forest asks to be renewed. We shall neatly clean it, mend the roof, and place netting in the windows to keep the hungry critters out. After dusk we celebrate our new domicile with candlelight and ghost stories heard from the whispers of the trees.

On Friday we will ring in the weekend with a special event: Together with our neighbors and armed with pick and spade, we will reclaim the overgrown beach from nature. Followed by an inauguration of the new/old beach of course.

waldhäuschen2 Verwunschen darf es ruhig bleiben aber auch gemütlich solls werden

badesee Nichts gegen Natur aber ein bißchen mehr Sand würde nicht schaden

We will honor the chilly summer days and nights with campfires, yummy food, and cozy little beds for our helpers.

See you in Götzerberge, your Coconat-team