Notes from a super early sneak preview

Janosch and Julianne were so kind to host me for three days even though Coconat had not officially opened yet. I was urgently looking for a place to do some intensive writing on my habilitation and at the same time not completely miss out on the beautiful summer by sitting in a library in downtown Berlin all day.

Coconat was pretty perfect for exactly this combination. Going for a swim in the lake or a run in the woods? It’s all possible in the immediate neighborhood. The workstations were not ready yet, so i was mostly writing at a picknic table in the beautiful garden and in an improvised office space in a former kitchen. Both places were alright but, telling from the plans, the future workspaces are going to top that by orders of magnitude. Looking forward with excitement to experiencing that!

For me by far the most important ingredient of a place like this is the atmosphere, and I was totally amazed by the welcoming, relaxed, and at the same time buzzing, focused and productive vibes that fill the entire site. OH, and not to forget the delicious food. And the campfire in the evening. And a lovely crowd of Coconat supporters that were there to help with the renovating and rebuilding. I will definitely be back!

arbeiten im garten