PRESS RELEASE:: Germany’s First Workation Retreat Opens ‘Summer of Pioneers’

Relax and Get Some Work Done Just Outside of Berlin


22 August 2015, Götzerberge – Coconat – a workation retreat will open it’s doors for it’s ‘Summer of Pioneers’ from 22 August to 20 September. For an energetic 4 weeks, people can try one of the world’s first dedicated workation retreats.

A ‘workation retreat’ combines the conveniences and technology of an urban workspace with the leafy peacefulness of the countryside.

Anyone who works location independently, or is looking for a unique break-out location for their small team, is welcome. Overnight stays can be arranged for a matter of days or weeks.

‘Coconat exists to bring new energy and inspiration in to work, and your productivity is our main focus. You only need to think on your project or about enjoying your free-time, we take care of everything else.’ says Julianne Becker, Co-founder of Coconat.

Located in the Southwest of Brandenburg, Coconat is just a one-hour train ride from Berlin to the small village of Götzerberge. The property promises not to disappoint with its truly unique history intact and ready to be experienced. An 1870s Villa was transformed in the 1970s GDR to a working holiday resort, and left with an amazing mix of architectural styles. Not to mention the historical Lustgarten and romantic tower in the back

Working and sleeping are easy done. If it is with a laptop or for a meeting, people can settle in to the Wintergarten coworking space, the garden picnic table, the cozy cabin, or even quickly down the path to the river. Accommodation this year is simple and sweet, with either an indoor camping experience or in that same cozy cabin mentioned before.

It is a place for solitude, but not isolation. Mealtimes are a shared event, along with low-key evenings around the campfire or nestled into the lounge on cooler nights.

On 22 August will be the Open House and Grand Pioneer Party, come by for tours, to meet partners, first users, listen to Ashia and the Bison Rouge live, and celebrate with the community – both local and from Berlin.

For the digital nomad curious, those who can work remotely but have not taken the plunge yet, then perhaps the Digital Nomad Pop-up event from 29-30 August is right for you. Expect some practical advice from leaders in the scene, campfire stories, and of course some coworking.

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