Krishnamurti Group Discussion



14:00 - 17:00


Klein Glien 25
Bad Belzig




Krishnamurti Group Discussion

on the issue of Love


This meeting is not meant to be indulging in intellectual philosophical dialogues, speaking from own remembrances and experiences which generally are conditioned, or convincing others of something but, in this given moment, trying to understand the propositions of Krishnamurti in an unprejudiced way and hence, eventually, one's own mind.

So, the 'work' indeed would be to listen to oneself and others with awareness, alertness, and direct perception as well as getting a sense of what is -
what really is
... and to meet other human beings actually ...?

The sharing will be facilitated by brief video clippings from the talks of Krishnamurti.

* * *

Specific knowledge is not required, there are no charges;
you are neither obliged to join those meetings regularly
nor to be present all along the scheduled three hours.
Just turn up with what you are!

Saturday, 14th of September, 2 pm - 5 pm