Productivity BOOST-CAMP


? A transformational retreat to deep-work on the projects that matter to you, while experiencing Flow-states & effortlessness ?

When was the last time you took 3 days away from the distractions & demands of daily life, to slow down and truly focus on what matters?

You will work on your own projects, while practicing the life-changing art of getting stuff done in the magical state of FLOW. Flow is our optimal state of happiness, creativity and productivity. The focusing techniques we practice are based on the neuroscience of deep focus and performance excellence. A transformational time in a group of likeminded.

We produce our best work when we work relaxed yet deeply focused.
We are individually more productive when we work in a group of focused people.
We tend to feel at our best when we are immersed in nature.

Anything you like! Move your business forward, start or finish that website/ book/ blog / dream project, de-procrastinate your life, prepare a shift in your work life, clear your inboxes…

The question is: What do you want to transform in your life?

Coconat space is a beautiful and inspiring co-working & co-living in Brandenburg, only 1.5hrs from Berlin. ?

Check out the other photos in the area below.

There are many options around: enjoy the brand new SAUNA, have a swim in the pond, refresh & walk in the fields, have a campfire ?, chill in the spacious Coconat space, get fresh ideas in nature…

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We start Thursday at 11 am.
The retreat ends at 17:00 on Saturday – but feel free to stay longer!

(08:00 optional yoga+ workout)
09:30: 40min kick-off and Productivity workshop
10:10: Focus time
13:00: lunch + free time -walk in nature
15:30: Focus time
19:00: dinner
(20:00pm: mastermind)

The day has 6hrs of structured focus-time for you to work on your own projects, privately.
We also includes some meditation, stretching, light exercise to keep our energy levels high!
The lunch breaks are 2.5hrs long.

The 20min workshops will cover:
1- Flowstates & deep-focus,
2- creating effectiveness systems
3- a topic chosen by the group
Whether you have already attended our Boostcamps, or not at all, these workshops are designed to take your effectiveness a level higher.

Regular: 300Eur
Early bird: 209Eur (first 6 spots)
Flex pass holders: 10eur discount We work hard to keep the retreats professional yet affordable.

Cost breakdown:
3 days & 2 nights Coconat including food, workspace, sauna = 136eur
Flow-retreat organization, workshops & material, masterminds, yoga and workouts

This includes :
2 nights in a shared room with 3 beds / sauna
7 yummy, healthy vegetarian meals (gluten free and dairy free are possible)
Fast Wifi
All day Tea/ coffee / snacks
Unlimited fun!

Upgrade to a single room for +50Eur in total for the 2 nights
Bring a friend and save 20eur (sign up, then email me)

All you have to do is turn up with your ideas and let your creativity & productivity flow effortlessly! The details are taken care for you of so you can let go and focus on what matters to you.

The train will get you there from Berlin Alexander Platz in ~1.5hrs.
More details on:

Book your spot online on Meetup. Rooms are limited
Book early – a retreat is an investment of time that can pay back several fold. Bill gates, Zuckerberg take work-retreats twice a year.

Email me via meetup and I will get back to you shortly.

On a personal note: many of my most transformative experiences in life happened when i took myself on retreats – away from distractions! ?