Job: Coworking Community Manager Media Exile Hub

Job: Coworking Community Manager Media Exile Hub

Job description: We are looking for two community managers for the coworking space at the Exile Media Hub

Position: Community Manager
Location: Bad Belzig/Wiesenburg Mark
Hours: Part-Time, up to 20 hours per week

Temporary Position – 6 Month contract – 1 July – 31 Dec 2024

Project Overview: From June 2024, the Exile Media Hub in Schmerwitz/ Wiesenburg will offer up to 30 journalists, media professionals and artists  a first home to live, learn and work together. The Coconat will operate an innovative coworking space in the Exile Media Hub.

Exile Media Hub Brandenburg – A New Home for Media Professionals in Exile

The Exile Media Hub is a new place for media professionals whose lives are threatened in their home countries and have fled to Germany to continue their work in safety.

Residents are supported in reaching their target audiences in their home countries from exile and in networking with the German media and creative scene.

High-speed internet, studios for podcast and video productions, coworking spaces, as well as rooms for yoga, exhibitions, and conferences are also available to the neighbors in the town of Schmerwitz. Events and cultural happenings are planned, and visitors from Brandenburg and Berlin are warmly welcome.

Role Overview: We are looking for two part-time community managers (CM) for the coworking space at the Exile Media Hub from July 1, 2024. In this role, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly on site and in terms of daily logistics. You will act as the main point of contact for the residents of the project as well as for local stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Supply and Facility Management
    • Manage the supply of coffee, tea, and snacks, coordinating with Coconat Galaxy Team for replenishment and handling requests.
    • Co-create plans for space cleanliness and enforce household agreements for shared spaces.
    • Monitor maintenance and cleanliness, coordinating with cleaning staff as needed.
  2. Resident and Community Engagement
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for residents, addressing queries promptly and facilitating orientation sessions.
    • Manage overall resident happiness and well-being, organizing community-building activities and fostering inclusivity.
    • Engage with village neighbors to raise awareness of Hub facilities and plan events to foster community integration.
  3. Internal Communication
    • Manage Slack for effective communication, 
    • create activity schedules, and maintain event calendars.
  4. Program Support and Stakeholder Liaison
    • You will help to develop and implement creative projects as part of the Exile Media Hub.
    • You will help organize events and collect feedback to improve the program.
    • You will build and maintain relationships with local stakeholders.
    • You represent the project at local meetings and events.

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