Mini-Hof Fest



12:00 - 18:00


Klein Glien 25
Bad Belzig




Mini-Hof Fest


Four New Businesses Open at Coconat in Klein Glien Join Us for a ‘Mini-Hif Fest’ Celebration

Klein Glien, June 12, 2024 – We are thrilled to announce the opening of four new businesses at Coconat in Klein Glien. To mark this exciting occasion, we will be hosting a ‘Mini-Hif Fest’ celebration. In addition to welcoming these new enterprises, we will feature the opening of a new photo exhibition by our resident artist Bruno Gasi from Mexico City, and a live music performance by the talented Erik Stenzel.

Introducing Our New Businesses:

Jofilia Fashion Design Founded by Pauline Reuter in mid-February, Jofilia Fashion Design is dedicated to creating unique clothing using fabrics with large repeats. As a tailor and pattern director, Pauline has always sought out fabrics that tell a story from hem to waistband, especially for her beloved leggings. Her quest for such fabrics has inspired the creation of Jofilia, a label that promises distinctive and story-rich designs.

Halina Hildebrand Photography Studio Halina Hildebrand proudly opens her new photography studio, a space designed to foster creativity and collaboration. The studio offers an inspiring environment for Halina’s photographic work and serves as a hub for exchanging ideas with other creatives. Halina envisions the studio not just as a place for photography but as a venue for inspiring conversations and collaborative projects.

Café Apfel Café Apfel invites residents and visitors of the Hohe Fläming region to enjoy its delightful coffee specialties, homemade cakes, tarts, and a small selection of savory dishes. Open every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday, the café prioritizes the use of seasonal, regional, and organic products, catering to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegan and gluten-free options. Café Apfel also serves as an open space for events, conversations, and encounters between diverse groups, fostering a sense of community.

Lorna’s Carting Business & Constructive Horse Training Lorna’s business focuses on providing carting services and constructive horse training. With a commitment to ethical and effective training methods, Lorna offers a unique service that combines practicality with a deep understanding of horse behavior.

Special Highlights of the Mini-Hif Fest:

Photo Exhibition by Bruno Gasi Our resident artist, Bruno Gasi, will unveil a new photo exhibition featuring works captured in Mexico City. These photos, taken at the age of 21 and revisited at 27, reveal a new light and perspective on past life. The exhibition showcases invincible beings, arched silhouettes, rotting stairs, and a patched-up society, all seen through the eyes of an ethereal observer.

Live Music by Erik Stenzel Nuremberg singer-songwriter and climate activist Erik Stenzel will perform live, bringing his critical poetry and powerful melodies to the stage. Erik’s music, infused with energy and a call to action, resonates with those committed to environmental and social causes. His performance promises to inspire and provoke thought, encouraging a sense of community and collective responsibility.

Join us for this joyous celebration as we welcome these new businesses and enjoy the artistic and musical talents of Bruno Gasi and Erik Stenzel. We look forward to seeing you at Coconat in Klein Glien!