What an Inspiring Summer


Together, with many new and old faces of our growing community, we explored ways in which work can be more fulfilling. This was the Summer of Pioneers!

Those who joined us in our countryside retreat came with enthusiasm from their various sectors, with their different projects, alone and with teams. They gave our Beach-House indoor camping experience a try, and gave a trial run to the little worlds we created for them to be inspired and work in.

We are happy to say that the response was overwhelmingly good to what we created this year. We also received some wonderful suggestions on what could be done differently, and what areas we should focus more on.

In just four weeks Coconat had visitors from Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Poland, and Switzerland. We are thrilled to announce that we had visitors from Gotzerberge too. We had hoped that we would create a place of interest to local people as well, and they came with smiles on their faces.

The online and word of mouth community is over 700 strong. And we had interviews with journalists from all over the place – really! – Bali, Canada, the USA and even Germany! 😉

To sum up, our proof of concept phase was really a great success – because of all of you.


A huge thanks to all the people who not only believed in us but who actively supported in many different ways, and to all the guests who have embarked on this little workation experiment with us.