Games Residency – The Rabbit


 This one-month games developers’ residency is a unique opportunity to go down the rabbit hole and develop immersive games right in Brandenburg’s hoppinest Manor House Coconat.

The Rabbit 2023

                             Next edition of The Rabbit will be March/April 2023 – Applications open soon, so keep an eye out!


Why The Rabbit?

Host a game developer’s residency in spring, near easter…Easter Eggs!! = The Rabbit 


Build your Game

The residency is free for participants, plus travel costs to ensure a balanced mix of local and international indie developers. During the one-month residency, developers work on the games of their dreams. We are looking for developers who make compelling immersive work. 

During the 4 weeks at Coconat you will make significant progress on your project and prepare for a publisher pitch.

In our manor-house you can work in the Salon, a shared workspace and game-making lab. We will invite experts to mentor you on the way.

You can expect workshops, skill-shares, testers, and  inspirational excursions whilst living with a game-making community of 15 developers at Coconat, teams of up to 4 can apply.

Build your Audience

During your stay, you’ll get the chance to build your fan-base early. We will publish your progress so your supporters can follow you early on and see how you advance.

You can expect video and photo content produced to tell your stories along the way!

The Rabbit 2023 – mid-March to mid-April

Applications open in October, so keep an eye out!


About Coconat

Space for anyone to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside!

Coconat is a social business and impact driven company, with a purpose of being: Inviting. Inspiring. Inventing sustainable stuff. 

Coconat stands for Community and Concentrated work in Nature. We combine workation, coworking, coliving, and special projects on rural development. Coconat is an open and diverse community, where everyone can pursue their aspirations. The goal is an inclusive and inspiring environment for all people.

Escape the city

No crowds


Fresh Air



Remote Work

The Rabbit 2022 recap

A huge Thank You to all our applicants – over 50% women and from 7 countries! It was really hard to make a decision but here we are:

We are thrilled to welcome our teams to hop on 🎮🐰The Rabbit games residency🎮🐰

🤍And the winners are

Spellgarden Games – Ritual of Raven

Happy Broccoli Games – Kraken Island

Twisted Ramble Games – DURU

Creating Corner – Conce@aled Crime

PandaBee Studios UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – Steam Clock

Sven Ahlgrimm – Oddada

The Apothecary – Chainlink Riders

Jury 2022

Kelly Vero

Crafting a career in game development for 30 years, Kelly has worked on some of the world’s most famous franchises. Working at the top flight of video games has presented an increasing demand for understanding the gamification of concepts in other verticals from fashion to entertainment.  She loves pushing technology to its emergent edge through education, sustainability, and imagination. Kelly works around these verticals to educate, produce and develop the growth of new technologies in a changing world.

Kelly has worked on a wide range of games: including the Tomb Raider series, Transformers and Candy Crush, she has worked with Adidas, Fila, Puma and on various LVMH projects for gamified products and services and currently, she is the technical co-founder of the world’s first metaverse for children: Aequaland.

Micheal Liebe

Founder & CEO; Booster Space, makers of gamesweekberlin; Outreach Games for Kickstarter. Consultant at MOVE2startup. Focus on video games business and culture, creative fundraising and digital communication.

Dr. rer. pol. Meike Eitel


Dedicated to digital and visual  communication for nearly 25 years.

Starting in the 90s she finished her studies in visual communications. In the times of “everything is possible in digital business – the late 90ies – she was a part of the creative development at ID Media AG, where platforms such as “cycosmos” tried to find its way to the masses.

In the immediate vicinity of enthusiatic gamers, she finds herself playing, and follows with interest the design and development of computer games from early versions of “lefty Larry’s”, “Quake” and “Siberia” to the pedagogical valuable storytelling of today’s “it takes two”. She is honored to be part of the jury and can’t wait to see the ideas and applications.

Partners 2022

                                                  The Rabbit is proudly funded by: