The Rabbit 2024
Indie Games Residency


Call for Applications

Tell us about your game and your team!

If you’re one of the selected teams, you will be invited to join The Rabbit and participate in the full program for free. The application process includes sending us a short video to introduce your team and game, combined with a written summary of you/your team and what you would like to achieve with one month of focused work in The Rabbit program. We accept all platforms and game types, and Extended Reality (XR) game-makers are welcome to apply.

We look forward to international and local Berlin/Brandenburg applicants; chosen participants will be 50% local and 50% non-local. We have secured a travel budget to enable participation from all over the globe.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The Rabbit is committed to enriching the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity, with a goal to host 50+% marginalized genders in games. We encourage teams that demonstrate diversity to apply, as diverse teams will have a better chance of being selected. We also aim to support teams that may not have access to public funding in their place of residence. We encourage teams from the Global South to apply.

Application Requirements

  • Game Status: Games should be past the prototype phase, under development and have an executable plan for finishing.
  • Experience and Background: Teams should inform us about their marketing, professional pitching, and storytelling experience.
  • Goals for Residency: Outline what you would like to achieve with 4 weeks of focused work. You will be assigned a personal team coach, please specify what kind of assistance you would seek from them, we cannot guarantee that we will find a coach for your very specific needs, but we will do our best to find a great match! Examples can include: Game Design, Narrative Design, Art Direction, QA & Player Support, Marketing, Community, Funding, etc. 
  • Team Size: There is a limit of max. 4 team members per studio funded by The Rabbit.

How to Apply

Applications open on June 5th 2024 and close on July 5th 2024 at midnight (PST).  Participants are committed to attending the full residency program 31 October – 28 November. To apply to our current cycle, please follow the link below:

We look forward to receiving your applications and learning more about your innovative game projects and amazing teams!

…Save the date 31 October (Spooky Rabbit) to 28 November (Turkey Rabbit)

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The Rabbit hops again to Coconat in Brandenburg!



Why The Rabbit?

…a residency for games developers, held around Easter? (Ok, so this year it isn’t exactly around Easter `:) Yeah! Easter Eggs!

= The Rabbit


Build your game

The residency includes free room and board as well as travel expenses to bring together a balanced group of local and international indie game developers. During the one-month residency, the game developers will work on the game of their dreams. We are looking for developers who build compelling and exciting games!

During the 4 weeks at Coconat, each team advances their vision and take thier games to the next level.

The main  building offers a shared game-making lab with its large salon. Experts are invited to accompany the fellows. The program includes workshops, team building, game testing, inspiring excursions and much more. An exciting time in a community of 15 game developers!

What to expect:
Europe’s first fully funded Games Residency, hosted in the heart of Brandenburg has

  • 15 indie games devs
  • Travel costs*
  • 500€ stipend​
  • 1-month ​in a single room
  • Dedicated workspace
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Excursions
  • Networking
  • Veggie food​ 3 meals a day + snacks, coffe, tea
  • Nature
  • Focus

 *We will work together with paricipants to make sure those in the most need are first priority.

About Coconat

COCONAT stands for community and concentrated work in nature. A place in the countryside that inspires, where people work, concentrate and play.

Coconat is a social and impact-oriented company. For us, profit maximization is behind the promotion of quality of life in rural areas through Workation, Coworking and Coliving.

Coconat creates an open and diverse community life where everyone* can pursue his/her individual and collective visions, in whatever field. The goal is an inclusive and inspiring environment for all people.

Escape the city

No crowds


Fresh Air



Remote Work

The Rabbit funded by:

The one-month residency for computer game developers is a unique opportunity to venture down the rabbit hole and develop the games of your dreams right in the middle of Brandenburg!

 Keep in touch for future Rabbit holes:

The Rabbit 2023

Torpor Games, Crinkle Cut Games, VISIONKEEPER, Yongmin Park, Lisha Pleasure Industries, Beardshaker Games, Baugarten, Settle Gliese, Stuffed Wombat

2023’s participants come from all over the world to our humble rabbit hole in Brandenburg: from South Korea, USA, Greece to neighboring Berlin and Brandenburg. We are so happy to be able to invite these wonderful teams to Coconat for a month of Games Residency!


The Rabbit 2022


For The Rabbit 2022 many great game developers applied: over 50% women from 7 different countries! We had a really hard time making a selection…

Participating Studios: Spellgarden Games – Ritual of Raven, Happy Broccoli Games – Kraken Island, Twisted Ramble Games – DURU, Creating Corner – Conce@aled Crime, PandaBee Studios UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – Steam Clock, Sven Ahlgrimm – Oddada, The Apothecary – Chainlink Riders

Partners 2022