The Rabbit – Games Residency

still a few places left – Deadline extended to 4 March!

This one-month games developers’ residency is a unique opportunity to go down the rabbit hole and develop immersive games right in Brandenburg’s hoppinest Manor House Coconat.

Why The Rabbit?

Host a game developer’s residency in spring, near easter…Easter Eggs!! = The Rabbit 


Build your Game

The residency is free, funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. During the one-month residency, developers work on the games of their dreams. We are looking for developers who make compelling immersive work. 

During the 4 weeks at Coconat you will make significant progress on your project:  make a demo, a crowd-funding build, or finalize your release, the world is your egg-shell (…er oyster). In our manor-house you can work in the Salon, a shared workspace and game-making lab. We will invite experts to mentor you on the way.

You can expect workshops, skill-shares, testers, and  inspirational excursions whilst living with a game-making community of 15 developers at Coconat.

Build your Audience

During your stay, you’ll get the chance to build your fan-base early. We will publish your progress so your supporters can follow you early on and see how you advance.

You can expect video and photo content produced to tell your stories along the way!



  • An active professional practice which includes any of the following: game or play-related artistic work, commercial or indie game development, game-related asset production / technical art, game-related research / scholarship.

The Rabbit is committed to enriching to the principles of diversity, inclusion and equity. We look forward to international and local Berlin/Brandenburg applicants. We expect to create a mixed group of individuals and teams. Candidates who demonstrate an ability to forward DEI goals are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Although Materials received before 28 February (**still a few places left – deadline extended to 4 March!**) are best assured of receiving full consideration, applications will remain open until the residency is filled. The residency begins 28 March and ends 24 April.  Participants are committed to attend the full residency programme. To apply to our current cycle please follow the link below:



Program: Mixed master-mind sessions – Show and tells – Skill shares – Professional workshops, e.g. (Final workshop schedule developed with participants): Monetisation, Release plan/strategy, Legal Issues, Storytelling, etc.

Stipend: 750€ per participant, which can be used for anything, including travel, or family visits.

The Basics: Stay in single rooms and 2-room suites, with hand-crafted and up-cycled furniture, with work table and en-suite bathrooms, 24-7 access to all workspaces inside and outside, eat 3 chef-prepared vegetarian meals per day (vegan upon request), unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks, available 24-7

Activities: Yoga, Meditation, Ice-bathing, Hiking, Biking. Weekly special off-time activities organized in the region might include: Guided nature walks, Sauna, Edible plant walk/cook, Massage, Riding, Tours of regional places of interest (Castles, Beelitz, Communities, etc.)

About the residency

A fully paid one-month residency, including professional workshops and off-time activities, plus a modest stipend of 750€ per participant, which can be used for anything, including travel, or family visits.

15 participants in total will be selected, teams of up to 4 can apply. Professional programme will take place Monday through Friday.