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Cool that you are interested to stay at Coconat. Please send your inquiry via the form below. We will use the data from the form to send you a formal offer via email. For prices please refer to our pricing lists.

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    Room check-in is 3 p.m. Check out 10 a.m. However, you can continue working earlier or afterwards.


    All of our meals are vegetarian and prepared with lots of love.


    All rooms have a bathroom, internet, writing desks and a view of nature.

    We can not guarantuee that we can offer your choice of room for the specified dates. In that case we will send you an offer for an alternative room type.

    Private Snoozing

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    Don't have gear? - No worries!

    Just specify in text field below what and how many you need.

    • Tent €5 / night

    • Sleeping mat €5

    • Sleeping bag €10

    • Pillow and blanket with bedding €15

    • Bedding €5

    • Towel €5


    All stays will be charged one day of coworking / night which includes all of our coworking facilities unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks available 24 hours a day. You will be charged according to the length of your stay, please review price sheet above.

    Exclusive meeting rooms and facilitation
    materials on request.

    What else do you need?

    If you have any other requirements during your stay please let us know by specifying in the text field below.