Corona info

Corona Info

Please bear with us in these always changing times. We will always follow the laws and guidelines for travel in our area. We will keep you informed of our current guidelines and ask that all guests abide by the heath guidelines of our community.

Current guidelines

  • Please wear a mask when entering the buildings
  • Please wear a mask when moving about inside
  • Please thoroughly wash your hands before using shared resources, especially food or drink related items
  • Please open windows in shared areas once an hour to help with ventilation.

If you are traveling from a hot-spot area, you may be required to bring a negative Corona test (we will be vigilant in updating you with the current info, and must trust our guests to be honest about where they are traveling from).

What if someone shows symptoms?

If you or someone in the house feels unwell, go to the reception and let the day manager know, if they are not there, let the community manager know.

We will arrange a private room in the house where guests can self-isolate until tested and we will make sure they have everything they need during that time without leaving the room.

We will also take care of contacting the medical authorities, arranging the test, etc. The test results are currently available in Germany in 24 to 48 hours.
• If the test is negative, everything continues as normal.
• If the test is positive, we will all need to self-isolate indoors for about 14 days.

 No cancellation fees apply when…

… our region becomes a hot-spot and we are not allowed to accept new visitors.

… your plane or train reservations have been cancelled and you have no alternative way to arrive.