What would the world be like without friends? Pretty boring and almost impossible.

Coconat would not work without being part of a huge, almost unbelievable, worldwide network of great people and organisations.

We are members of industry and topic related networks and have direct partnerships with other companies, private individuals, universities and research institutions, public and private donors, as well as associations and ministries.

We are happy to have these folks included in our circle of close partners, and would be happy if you wanted to join the growing community. Write to to see how we might work together!

Smart Village e.V.

Smart Village is an umbrella organization for initiatives using digitalization and other smart solutions to make rural life even better, and to make the High Fläming region ‘the place to be’ for creative technology-oriented people who are eager to set up their own projects and/or move to the region. It was founded in 2019 by Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, the town of Bad Belzig, the municipality of Wiesenburg/Mark, Daniela Singhal as representative of Wir zu Lande, the Naturpark Hoher Fläming e.V., Studio Wiesenburg and Coconat.

Smart Village lives as a bottom-up project from a variety of local initiatives. Under its umbrella, a steadily growing number of meanwhile more than 20 individual projects is gathered. 

The project aligns with the ‘Future Strategy Digital Brandenburg’, which supports “digital shop windows and practice labs” so that “new developments become tangible and transferable” and is made possible by funds from MABB and a GRW network grant from ILB, as well as support from innumerable partners and stakeholders from the region and beyond.

Netzwerk Zukunftsorte e.V.

The Netzwerk Zukunftsorte e.V. (Network of Future Places), of which Coconat is a founding member, is an association of innovative organizations that practice, test, and further develop the possibilities of collaborative living and working. We deal daily with answering the following questions:

  • How do I transform vacant properties into a sustainable place to live and work in the countryside?
  • How do I find the right actors and supporters?
  • How do I integrate place and?

Partnerships on the ground

We support the development, cooperation, and collaboration of local businesses and partners on-site at Coconat. 

Fläminger Kreativsause

We work with a network of creative minds in the countryside and offer space for an innovative temporary community. Different projects from the region invite you to visit a variety of workshops and events – learn and create new things together: from urban to rural, from traditional to innovative, from analogue to digital.

Milan Kunsthandwerk

The Milan combines an arts and crafts shop with a small café in the former cowshed. It invites visitors to enjoy organic snacks and drinks in an inspiring atmosphere. The Milan is the sales and social room of the future CocoLab.

Mobile Mosterei Hoher Fläming

Sascha and Boris press delicious juice of regional fruits at a small scale. Try out Coconat’s own apple juice inside!


We work closely with a team of trained yoga instructors, meditation guides, and masseurs from the region.


In our Konsum Konsol (named for the local shop housed in the manor house in the GDR) you can buy selected regional products and specialties. Among others the regional whisky “Old Sandhill” and products of “Lebenslust”, foraged from local forests.

Neuland 21

The think-and-do tank deals with the topic of rural development in a variety of projects, and is at home in Klein Glien since 2019.


Our first Erasmus for Entrepreneurs scholarship holder, Franka Kohler, has set up a successful programme for new citizens and founders in rural areas, and in the Fläming region.

Wir zu Lande

The citizen journalism project, supported by the MABB, is committed to media diversity in the region. It hosts media training workshops.

Jooble – an easy way to find remote work

Jooble is a job search engine that works in more than 70 countries. In our hit list, you will find a wide variety of jobs from verified job boards as well as companies nationwide. Job offers are listed according to timeliness, quality and relevance. All job offers are subjected to a thorough analysis according to relevant quality criteria. As a result, only high-quality and trustworthy job offers are included in Jooble’s hit list.

Berlin Coworking spaces we partner with