St. John’s wort – Discovering a new world



10:00 - 15:00


Wildmut Café
Klein Glien 25
Bad Belzig



10-20€ donation

St. John’s wort – Discovering a new world

✨Discovering a new world ✨

Even though St. John’s Day has passed, St. John’s wort is still in bloom, radiantly inviting us to take advantage of the time and look into the magical world of plants.
This is like a gateway for us, leading into a deeper understanding of the wondrous connections in nature. When we open ourselves to this experience, our previous perception and awareness of nature is expanded. I can no longer imagine going through the world without this enrichment.
I would like to share my knowledge about this sun plant with you and thereby create an access to this whole new enriching cosmos.
Afterwards we will make St. John’s wort oil ourselves – a simple and powerful remedy.
You don’t need to bring anything but your curiosity. 🧚🏼

We meet on Saturday 22.07 at 10 am here at the Wildmut Café in Klein Glien.

If you want to come along, please contact us by e-mail 💌

Cost per person: 10-20 euros 🌿

I am very happy to introduce you to this world!

Children are absolutely welcome🤍

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