Seasonal Coliving

Come join your Coconat friends on our country estate, away from the hustle and bustle and underground commutes of the city. Begin the day with yoga or meditation in the Remise, find a cozy workspace for the day, unwind by the fire with friends, or with a sauna and a gaze to the Milky Way.

Our Offer

Till end of April 2021, Coconat is offering a special Coliving invitation, which includes sleeping accommodation, coworking, and food at a friendly rate. With this we want to support you in escaping the city and finding a safe haven in the countryside.

Sleeping Accommodation

Shared room – Our tiny house village features our beautifully designed semi-private sleeping pods.
Private rooms – You will find hand-crafted and up-cycled furniture, with work table and en-suite bathroom.


24-7 access to our workspaces for every style – cafe vibes in our pub, cozy up in the country manor-house library, classic coworking in the laboratory, and so much more!


Food is a big part of our offer, as we are located in a small village with no shop. So please enjoy our simple nutritious, vegetarian cuisine.

  • Simple breakfast of oats and muesli, seeds, dried and fresh fruit, and yogurt
  • A warm lunch to fill the belly and warm the heart, expect a diverse menu, green salad, and special surprises
  • Classic German ‚Abend Brot‘ – a hearty end of the day selection of warm bread, cheeses, veggies, and spreads
  • All day long you can find unlimited coffee, tea, and an assortment of healthy and unhealthy snacks at the pub 🙂

Escape the city

No crowds


Fresh Air



Remote Work

Meet some of our guests

“I have been looking for a place like Coconat for many years, where I could stay in the countryside, surrounded by interesting people and concentrate on my work. I am very happy to have found Coconat”

Skúli Thorarensen (51) and his dog Kolur

“Coconat is an inspiring place to be! The two months that I spent at this exquisite place in Brandenburg was filled with beautiful and lasting encounters, personal growth, and lots of laughter and activities in nature. Regular exchange and sparring with the group let me work more productively and creatively than ever before.

Friederike Hettinger (32)

“I’m so happy to be living this special time in this place!! Why? Because instead of talking all the time about COrona and COvid, we are enjoying COliving and COworking in a lovely COmmunity in the COuntryside. Yes, it seems to be all about CO and I prefer the COs of Coconat, where I find the space, the company, and the inspiration that I need right now.”

Ana Rodríguez (32)

“We are living in our camper van for over a year now. But when the Corona-numbers are rising or when we have intense work projects, we book into Coconat. For us Coconat is our home that we can come back to as often as we want, work without hassles like losing internet connections, enjoy amazing food and a creative community full of inspiring people, and all that in a safe and relaxing environment.”

Claudia Scheel (35) & Jeremias Endres (36)

“I recently moved to Bad Belzig and Coconat definitely played an important role in my decision. I haven’t only found a comfortable place to work here; I have created friendships, had beautiful and nourishingconversations during the delicious meals they serve; and I get a real feeling of community. Being in nature is also giving oxygen and inspiration to my ideas.”

Mauricio Disilvestro (35)

“After having been here for more than 20 times, I have to say, Coconat is my second home. Coconat is getting out of the city, and getting into nature, and the quiet. It means focusing on my projects and getting a lot of work done, too – often even more than I would in my own office! Coconat is seeing familiar faces and getting to know new, like-minded ones, whose life stories I always can draw inspiration from.”

Matthias Haltenhof (39)


Prices are inclusive of sleeping accommodation, coworking, and full board.
Minimum stay is two weeks.

* prices may vary slightly

Additionally to the seasonal coliving we also offer our regular stay options for a short or longer trip to Coconat. To read more about it just click on this button

Booking request

If you would like to join us for the Seasonal Coliving 2020 please send us an inquiry via this  form.
We will contact you as soon as possible.

    Corona Info

    Please bare with us in these always changing times. We will always follow the laws and guidelines for travel in our area. We will keep you informed of our current guidelines and ask that all guests abide by the heath guidelines of our community.

    Current guidelines

    • Please wear a mask when entering the buildings
    • Please wear a mask when moving about inside
    • Please thoroughly wash your hands before using shared resources, especially food or drink related items
    • Please open windows in shared areas once an hour to help with ventilation.

    If you are traveling from a hot-spot area, you may be required to bring a negative Corona test (we will be vigilant in updating you with the current info, and must trust our guests to be honest about where they are traveling from).

    What if someone shows symptoms?

    If you or someone in the house feels uncomfortable, go to the reception and let the day manager know, if he is not there, let the community manager know.

    We will arrange the best available room in the house (ideally with a private bathroom) where guests can self-isolate until tested and we will make sure they have everything they need during that time without leaving the room leave.

    We will also take care of contacting the medical authorities, arranging the test, etc. The test results are currently available in Germany in 24 to 48 hours.
    • If the test is negative, everything continues as normal.
    • If the test is positive, we will all need to self-isolate indoors for about 14 days.

     No cancellation fees apply when…

    … our region becomes a hot-spot and we are not allowed to accept new visitors.

    … your plane or train reservations have been cancelled and you have no alternative way to arrive.