Yoga-Work-Life Retreat

10 days, 6-18 June 2017

This is not about unplugging for 10 days, this is about finding the right balance of the work part of your life.

Finding the balance

Be mindful of the difference a break, some fresh air, moving your body, or walking through the forests and fields makes. Bring it with you to your everyday work-life.


Sanja and Julianne will take care of the schedule for the day, including yoga, meditation, peer-based motivation, healthy food, and fun! You can just relax, and get some work done.


€630 (including VAT) in shared room (4-6 people)
private single room – €1,005
2 people in private double room – €1,520

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  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Introduction to and guidance in Mastermind working groups
  • Raw Food ‘Cooking’ experience



  • 3 meals + coffee, tea, water & snacks
  • Workspace, in- & outdoor areas 
  • Little extras that make life great

More about the Brandenburg Yoga Retreat

Yoga instructor

Sanja Bodiroga is an internationally certified Hatha yoga instructor. Her inner calling and passion is to inspire others to live healthier, more creative, and relaxed lives through yoga, goal setting, and healthier lifestyle choices. To reach this aim, and fulfill her dreams, she established “Yoga Center Sanja Bodiroga – Living Yoga” in 2013, and regularly gives yoga and meditation classes to individuals, groups, children, adults, and corporate clients


So many options available. Work in our garden room, the cozy library with fireplace and sofas, our ballroom transformed open floor coworking, in a one of small meeting rooms, or under the open skies, we have places in the park and gardens too!

Co-founder Coconat

Julianne Becker is the co-founder and CEO of Coconat – a workation retreat. She is well versed in new ways of work, and big proponent of peer-based productivity techniques. She will give the frame of the mastermind group method, and give daily feed-back to the groups.


Relax, build internal energy, and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.


Let the mind wander where the feet take you. Walk through forests and fields, to art and to castles.

Raw food

Sanja will guide us through the culinary art of delicious and healthy raw food making.

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