A place for digital workers to be inspired, concentrate, work, and play in the countryside!


COCONATcommunity and concentrated work in nature



Quiet and solitude – Yes.    Total Isolation – No.

Most human beings, about 90% of them, need a balance of solitude and people in order to be truly productive. And while you may need complete quiet while working on a particular project or a room with a view for your team pow-wow, you also need to unwind and speak to other people to keep those creative juices flowing.

Certain elements, such as our ‘family style’ lunches and dinners will give you a chance to talk to others who are right there with you, getting away from it all, but working.


Get away from your mundane routines, the urban excesses, the traffic, the noise, the cubicle, the home office.

Work alone or as a small group within the central space, the small bungalows in the forest, in your own shady spot in the garden, the bathtub swing, and one day in the tree houses, the cave, or Founder’s Garage.



If you live in the city, you no doubt crave those moments of quiet stillness surrounded by green, where a swim is just a few steps down that dirt path.

We are surrounded by nature at Coconat. The national park is down the road, the Havel River as well, canoes at your disposal. Swimming lake? Check – just 5 minutes away. There is so much to explore.